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The five most important words in the Bible

The five most important words in the Bible

I believe that the five most important words in the Bible are found in the beginning of the bible – Genesis 1:1a.

If I BELIEVE these words, not needing to fully understand them, but believe them in faith, then every word or concept after them is normal for God!

What we see as SUPER natural, God sees as NATURAL.

So let’s dig into the five most important words in the bible-

In the Beginning God created…

In the Beginning

These words always begged a question from me – In the Beginning of what?

After listening and reading the teachings of many pastors and teachers, I believe that these words mean just what they say!

In the Beginning means before anything was created. This shows a point in time or the beginning of time.

  • Before the 10 dimensions where created

  • Before the planets and stars where created

  • Before the angels where created

  • Before time was created

Before anything was created! Even the concept of nothing didn’t exist, because the concept of nothing means that something was there and now it is gone and that something didn’t exist yet.


This is the God that has always been.

This is the God that was before the creation of everything.

This is the God that breathed existence into being.

This is the God who planned everything out and then spoke and then everything came into being.


This is an action word and a word that shows time.

The action side means that in some point in time, something that didn’t exist became into being.

The time side means that something was created at some point of time. Or that in one second before that point of time that something didn’t exist and then the next second that something did exist.

God breathed everything into being at some point of time.

In the Beginning God created…

In faith of the power and authority of God, I believe that God existed before anything and God created everything. That means that God is very powerful and has control over everything.

If I can believe these 5 words, then Jesus walking on water is easy, or Jesus raising the dead is easy and that Jesus Loves me is easy!

What do you believe?

Do you believe that if God created everything and has the power and authority over everything, can He help you?

Do you go to God first or last?

Do you believe that God Loves YOU?

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