Books that have

helped me

UnDo It!
This book is helping me to stay healthy and live a much better life.
4 main principals to follow and how to follow them.
Heading 5

My books

Benny's Coronation
We follow three sets of kids as they work their way to an event in downtown Los Angles called Burning Baby. We watch as the angles and smokie shadows battle for the souls of the kids. Benny believes he will become a god, at this event because he will capture the souls of many kids. Eli was sent to stop him and lead the kids back to God. Ken wants to be an undercover reporter and records a spiritual battle between Benny and Eli and broadcast it around the world. Who will win the kids? Benny or Ele?
Stubby becomes a Pastor
This is a book about the personnel struggles of a mouse when befriending some rats. He helps them so much that he begins to preach the Word.
101 Love Thoughts
This is a book of 101 life quotes to help you to build your relationship with the Creator -

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