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My name is Richard and my pen name is RRRecardoe.

I really like how the rolling R’s sounded, so I added 2 more R’s to indicate that the R’s should be rolled.

RRRecardoe should be pronounced slowly as

RRRe carr doe. Then add a vampire accent and you would have my Halloween costume from 30 years ago. I wanted to go as a vampire wearing the costume of Jack the ripper. Because both liked the lovely necks of women.

I never did wear the costume, but I like the sound of the name and it became my pen name. 

RRRecardo's books

About 2

I wrote a few books many years ago and then took some time off from writing. These older books are OK and the story is good but my writing needed much help.


With the Stubby books, I have reached out and got help from a few friends.


First is my wife who reads with a RED pen in her hand. And another is Joyce, who reads and rereads my book to help it flow better. James and Cindy also read and gave their input that helped me to express my thoughts better.


Thank you, my friends and my wife!


Maybe one day I will rewrite these books?

Katie Savage is the wife of my pastor, Pastor Scott Savage. 

He preaches at the Santa Monica Nazarene Church. 

Katie's book
  1. My Bio

  2. I have been a Christian for over 30 years and a Chaplain for over 10 years.

  3. A deacon of 9 years at a previous church that I attend for over 19 years.

  4. Mentored a number of young men,

  5. All of this has given me much insight into interesting questions that I have added into my stores. 

Coming soon!
A spin-off from this book
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